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Model Number : 76192
Category : Die cast model - Signature
Scale : 1:18
Approximate shipping weight : 2.5 Kg
Availability : Discontinued Item
Price : US$ 190
Discontinued Item
Mercedes-Benz 600

Statesmen, Sheiks, and even the Pope got in line when the Mercedes-Benz 600 ultra-luxury limousine debuted at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September, 1963. Few doubted that the 600 represented the state of the art in automotive engineering up to that time. The driver-most were chauffer driven-could adjust the shock absorber firmness using a lever on the steering column, a sophisticated dual-circuit power brake system included twin calipers for each front wheel, and the cabin heating and cooling system was electrically regulated.

A complex hudraulic system allowed six-way adjustment of the front seats and two-way adjustment of the rear seats. Hydraulics also assisted with the opening and closing of the doors, trunk, and optional sunroof, and raised and lowered the side windows. Powering the 5000-pound car to speeds up to 127 mph was a 250-horsepower 6.3 liter fuel-injected V-8. The most popular 600 rode on a 3200-mm (10-ft, 6-inch) wheelbase and offered seating for six. Mercedes also built four-and six-door stretched Pullmans and convertible Lanaulets on the chassis. The company produced a total of 2,677 cars before 600 production finally ended in 1981.

Actual Length : 13.5'

This model is made up of 429 separate metal and plastic parts, including photo-etched plates, metal wiring, screws and nuts. The model weighs 1.45 kg.

*Finely-crafted trims and lamp frames with chrome-plating.
*Movable engine hood with metal hinge mechanism.
*the engine's complex oil cooling and fuel delivery system as well as piping have been reproduced in great detailed.
*Concealed lamp cover fittings.
*Realistic colour painting of the body shell and component parts.
*Metal chassis with detailed replication of the suspension framework structure.
*Workable suspension.
*Fabric curtain.
*Genuine leather seats.
*Openable refrigerator with accessories inside.
*Carpet interior.
*Carpet trunk.
*Luggage inside the trunk.
*Workable compartment where keeping the spare wheel.
*Authentic wheels and tires.