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Model Number : 12533
Category : Die cast model - Signature
Scale : 1:12
Approximate shipping weight : 5 Kg
Availability : Discontinued Item
Price : US$ 599.9
Discontinued Item
Bugatti Veyron 16.4

The idea was to design a sportscar which would explore the limits of the technically possible and which would, in every respect, be committed to the extreme. The idea was to design a car which would uncompromisingly unite the passion of the designer, the skill of the engineer, absolute luxury and racing technology. The idea was to interpret the car as a work of art. The idea was to build a Bugatti.

The Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron was named after the last man to win the Le Mans 24-hour race in a Bugatti, Pierre Veyron. Bugatti wanted to build a street car that would have the world's most powerful engine with possibly a 4-digit horse power figure and be the world's fastest car at over 400 km/h. The result is a sleek, exciting sports car promising enormous power from an all-aluminum 7993 cc W 16 engine mounted longitudinally ahead of the rear axle on a separate aluminum subframe and running four KKK turbo-chargers producing 987 bhp at 6000 rpm.

The top speed is estimated to be 252 mph (406 km/h), although owners wanting to test this for themselves will have to contact the factory who will dispatch a mechanic to check the car over, fit high-speed tyres and remove the electronic speed limiter especially for the purpose.

Zero to 186 mph should take just fourteen seconds. The Veyron's 7-speed sequential gearbox is unique in that it boasts a dual clutch transmission whereby one clutch controls gears one, three, five and seven whilst the other controls gears two, four and six, the result being a constant surge of power when accelerating. Special run-flat capability Michelin PAX tyres in 265 front and 365 rear, the largest tyre sizes ever fitted to a production car, are mounted on 20.5" (520mm) diameter 12-spoke wheels.

Actual length : 14.5"

This model is made up of 518 separate metal and plastic parts, including photo-etched plates, metal wiring, screws and nuts. The model weighs 2.69 kg.

* Chrome-plated front grille, engine part, door handle and exhaust pipe ends.
* Photo-etched metal grilles on all air inlets and outlets.
* Realistic painted body shell color.
* The fuel filler cap, wheels and front light housing are chrome-plated and then painted with a matt silver coating.
* Working rear spoiler and support struts.
* Detachable engine cover.
* The engine and relevant piping system are replicated in highly detailed.
* Retractable fuel filler cap.
* Silver hot stamping has been used to produce the lettering on the engine block.
* Fully decorated interior. Realistic gearshift assembly, dashboard and console.
* Carpeted trunk and interior.
* Metal chassis with detailed replication of the suspension framework structure.
* Fully-functioned suspension. Rubber cooling pipes for braking system.
* The seat belts are made of genuine fabric with photo-etched plates forming the buckle.