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AUTOart Twin Ball-Pen Exhaust Keychain - 9 Apr, 2013

AUTOart Twin Ball-Pen Exhaust Keychain



Every high-fidelity sports car has a unique sound signature. With AUTOart’s exquisite Exhaust Keychain, you can supply your actual signature at any time while also showing your love of a good exhaust note.



The muffler body is crafted from sturdy die-cast aluminum and tethered to a stainless steel key ring by a hand-stitched leather strap, the Exhaust Keychain’s twin polished stainless steel outlets are actually two ballpoint pens of black and red colored hidden within the miniature muffler. Simply unscrew one or both for a handy writing instrument available at all times—even when you have to sign a speeding ticket. It is an attractive and useful item for any car enthusiast. 



The keychain weights 37 gm (1.3 oz) excluding packing.  The exhaust measures 60mm (2.4 inches) or 119mm (4.7 inches) including the keyring.  It is packed in a window gift box.

Item No. 40603