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Carbon Fiber Exhaust Flashlight Keychain - 25 Oct, 2012

Carbon Fiber Exhaust Flashlight Keychain


Navigate dark spaces using the glow of a sportbike’s exhaust. Made to resemble a superbike’s exhaust muffler, our Carbon Exhaust Flashlight illuminates via a bright and high-efficiency LED light embedded in the exhaust tip, turning it into a small but powerful flashlight. The cylinder of the exhaust muffler is made of real carbon fiber, the woven texture giving it that unique light reflection only possible with genuine carbon fiber finished with a glossy layer of clear-coat.  The whole structure of the flashlight is made of machined billet-aluminum, while the key ring is durable stainless steel.  A real leather belt is used to link the key ring and the light for years of reliable use.



The LED is switched on and off simply by pressing and twisting the tip at the back of the flashlight. The light itself measures 2.05” (5.2 cm) in length, and with the key ring together, measures 4.5” (11.5 cm).



The LED is a bright 100mW, and it is powered by a replaceable 6V battery (type 26A), making it a handy mini flashlight to adorn your keychain and express your love of speed on two wheels.