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AUTOart Formula Wheels - 30 Sep, 2014

AUTOart Formula Wheels

AUTOart produces many different scales of miniature wheels for use in its model cars, plus some for its line of desktop accessories.  What most people may not know is that AUTOart also produces full-scale (i.e.: 1:1-scale) Formula One wheels. They are not actually for use on the F1 circuit, but for your home or office as a base for a coffee table or an umbrella holder. The wheel measures 13 inches in diameter and 13.5 inches in width, meaning it’s an exact replica of the rear wheel mandated on current Formula One cars.

The wheels fitted to a modern F1 car weigh only 3 kg apiece (about 7 pounds), and are made of forged magnesium alloy. Because the AUTOart Formula wheel is made out of low-pressure cast-aluminum alloy, it weighs three times as much, at around 10 kg (22 pounds). However, the AUTOart Formula wheel is purposely made to be heavier so that it will not be tipped easily, but will remain steady and in an upright position, even if your table is loaded with food and drink for the F1 broadcast.

The wheel comes available in your choice of three colors, including natural-finish silver, a lustrous gold, and a carbon matt-black, to suit the decoration of your den or office. Should you choose to use it as an umbrella holder, a round, stainless-steel pan is included with each wheel. However, table-top glass is not included. The AUTOart Formula wheel is an ideal furniture piece to garnish the office or home of any F1 fan.


Article number:
49921 silver
49922 black
49923 gold