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RACING SEAT SMART PHONE HOLDER (article No. 40277) - 20 Jan, 2014



Racing seats are designed to snugly fit the pilot in a molded bucket so that the body, securely strapped in the harness, will stay in place against the high G forces of extreme cornering and braking.  It is also a rigid cocoon, nowadays most often made of carbon fiber, which helps protect the pilot from any sustained injury during an accident. It becomes a life cell when the starter lights the green. 

AUTOart has now designed a racing seat that is approximately 1/5th the size of an actual seat to give you a secure place on the grid to park your smart phone. The contour of the seat follows the modern shape of the most sophisticated racing shells on the market, designed to incorporate features such as six-point harnesses and HANS devices. The phone can be placed upright onto the seat bucket or horizontally on top of the side bolsters should one wish to view an image or video in a wider screen format.

Though real racing seats are carbon-fiber, AUTOart’s replica must weigh enough to support a modern smartphone without tipping over. Hence, the seat shell is deliberately cast from durable and hefty die-cast zinc to give it the necessary weight of 537gm (1.2 lb). The zinc casting requires painstaking trimming and polishing by hand until the surface is smooth enough to apply the final paint and decals. The seat is also coated with a special layer of red fabric on the front face to simulate the breathable non-slip fabric used on real racing buckets. The black center-cushion pads are E.V.A. plastic that has a spongy feel and no-slip grip to support the base of the smartphone when it’s in position.

The back of the seat is textured with carbon-fiber-pattern decals carefully laid by AUTOart’s experienced workers to simulate the finish of genuine hand-laid carbon-fiber. It is a labor-intensive process to align the carbon-fiber’s weave patterns across multiple decals and to trim the wet-transfer along the edge of the seat. Down below, a pair of brackets made of stamped and photo-etched stainless steel is fitted to the base to allow the seat to plant itself securely upright on your desk, coffee table, or nightstand.

The total height of the seat is 145mm (5.7”) and a width of 98mm (3.9”).

Whether it’s holding your phone or just waiting for the next driver, AUTOart’s hand-crafted seat miniature is an attractive display item for any enthusiast who is happiest when buckled in, on the grid, waiting for the green light.